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10 Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

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  •  July 4, 2015

Let the summer vacation never get over! Here are 10 awesome Instagrammers who share inspiring pictures from their travel diaries. Inspiring enough to make you pack bags and gooooo…

1. @TuulaVintage – She is an inspiration for what to wear on your next beach holiday.

2. @muradosmann – Who doesn’t love this man? His lifelong project #FollowMeTo where his girlfriend and now wife leads him to various destinations is just amazing.

3. @kirstenalana – Love flora and fauna? You’ll love her.

Big cats in trees seem to be a theme of this visit to Tanzania! We'd been driving for quite some time when suddenly our guide Priscus alerted us to the fact that a leopard was nearby in a tree. Unfortunately it was too far away for our cameras and zoom lenses to capture, certainly too far away for an iPhone to see without help. A collective sigh of slight disappointment was uttered by all in the group and we proceeded to simply enjoy watching the leopard through binoculars. Until, @fsserengeti's Discovery Center manager Oli Dreike told us that by using our binoculars with our iPhones that we could in fact capture photos of the sleeping animal!! It's not a trick I've ever employed but as soon as he mentioned it, I knew it would work and we all proceeded to carefully balance @swarovski binoculars on the railing of our Land Rover while trying to find that sweet spot with the lens of the iPhone right up against the viewfinder of the binoculars, phone camera turned on. It's a tricky balance, needing the kind of steady hand that I imagine a doctor needs for surgery and the margin of error is high. But it turned out that @megnolanvr has a gift for it due to her steady hand (mine shakes horribly!) and in the end, she helped me capture this image. Honestly, I've never wanted to own a pair of binoculars but in this case I'm so thankful to Oli for having them for us to use and now I don't want to go on safari again without my own pair from Swarovski! They'll definitely go on my recommended packing list. #BeATraveler

A photo posted by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) on

4. @thetravellinglight – She describes herself as ‘Nomadic freelancer searching for secret places’

Stopover in Singapore, visiting friends, then onwards… ✈️ #singapore #stopover #travel #findthelight #thetravellinglight

A photo posted by Katie McKnoulty (@thetravellinglight) on

5. @lepostcard – Discover the travel-habits of jetsetters around the globe.

A slice of heaven! ? #salento #italy

A photo posted by Le Postcard (@lepostcard) on

6. @passionpassport – It’s a community of travelers, storytellers & photographers. Need we say more?

7. @travelnoire – A community of over 100 travelers sharing their travel pictures to help other travelers discover the next destination.

Skater bros. @iseeadifferentyou // Cape Town, South Africa. #travelnoire #capetown

A photo posted by Travel Noire (@travelnoire) on

8. @stephbetravel – Sunny beaches and exotic pools, this account is a bit crazy with pictures we totally love.

9. @theblondegypsy – With dramatized pictures from across Europe, she has already won our hearts.

10. @urbanpixxels – The account is of a travel blogger and is bringing you the best food Instagrams from across the globe.

I'll have one of each ?

A photo posted by Jacintha Verdegaal (@urbanpixxels) on

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