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10 Times Women Used Social Media To Call Out Men Who Harassed Them

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  •  August 28, 2015

Women know how to deal with perverts. We have become smart & know how to track them down in case they manage to flee. All thanks to the powerful social media. Below are 11 such examples where women have used internet to get justice and punish their culprits:


1. When a girl recorded video of herself confronting a man who allegedly harassed her on a plane, and uploaded it on YouTube.


2. When this Facebook user decided to post a screenshot of the lewd messages that she continuously received from this guy.


3. When this actress perfectly silenced a troll who commented “nice boobs” on her profile picture.


4. This blogger who addressed the man who publicly masturbated at her.55. Facebook user Prerna Singh, who replied to a lewd message and uploaded a screenshot of her response.6

6. This writer who decided that men who send pictures of their genitals don’t deserve any privacy.7

7. This woman who tweeted to warn people about a man who flashed her on the street.8

8. This woman who didn’t want to ignore another Facebook message in her “Other” inbox.99. This woman who warned everyone about a driver who masturbated while driving.10

10. When this IAS officer spoke out about being uncomfortable during her sexual harassment hearing.11


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