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10 Different Types Of School Mums Who Come To Drop/Pick Their Kids

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  •  September 21, 2015


Picking and dropping kids to school is a duty that becomes a part of our lives as early as the child turns 1 year old, and it may last for slightly under 2 decades!!

Being such an integral part of mother’s routines, it is very interesting to see how each one copes with this heavy duty role! So here is a list of some of the types of moms that you would see at school:

  1. The “ramp walk” mom1

The mom who manages to reach school (whether early morning drop or hot afternoon pick up) in the latest colour co-ordinated fashionable clothes, matching peep toes, trendy sling and a layer of make up. She makes everyone around her look like peasants and leaves everyone wondering what time she woke up to get ready!

  1. The “Oh, I barely made it” mom2

A total contrast to the “ramp walk” mom is the “Oh, I barely made it” mom. She looks like she managed to save herself from a hurricane; with her creased and casual clothes and hair messily tied up in a bun. She didn’t have time to lose her spectacles and is the last one running in to make it to the school gate, before it shuts. She promises herself everyday, that tomorrow will be a new day and she will wake up 10 minutes earlier.

  1. The “kitty party” mom3

This mom reaches school with a bag full of meaty gossip! She usually reaches much in advance, so that she has enough time to socialise and catch up with all fellow moms. You will find her a part of almost all the mom kitties and she her Facebook wall is undeniable proof of that!

  1. The “what did you study today” mom4

This mom is hyper about academics and the minute her child walks out of class, she has to open the school bag right there and see what was covered in class. Is the handwriting good? How many mistakes are there in the answers? What needs to be revised on the way back home? Before other children even reach home, her child has already revised today’s classwork!

  1. The “which classes does your child go to” mom5

She is the competitive mom and she is making a trophy child. Her little one must attend every class that all other children jointly attend. You will find her asking other moms constantly, “which classes does your child go to?” and “please share the teacher’s number” and rest assured, it’s the beginning of a new class for her child.

  1. The “chilled out” mom6

She takes things easy. She stays away from school pick up and drop. Neither is she hyper about academics, nor is she obsessed about extra-curricular activities. She is happy with the pace that her child is growing at and finds all this pressure unnerving. You will see her in school only on parent teacher meetings. If she does manage to go to school on any other day, every mom is sure to ask her, “Arrre, what are you doing here today?”

  1. The “I want to see the class teacher” mom7

This mom wants to see the class teacher every other day. She wants first hand knowledge of everything that’s going on. She will often be found waiting for dispersal to be over so that she can catch 5 minutes alone with the teacher. She has all the news from the horse’s mouth. When is the next grade? What is the next chapter? Etc etc…

  1. The “food stuffing” mom8

She always feels that her child is under-nourished and under-fed. There will be a pre-school snack, a drive to school snack, a school snack, a dispersal snack, a drive back from school snack and so on. You will always find a biscuit, sandwich, banana or bottle of juice in her hands and you will also find her child trying to run away at all times!

  1. The “whatsapp” mom9

This is the most lethal category of moms. Everything is a subject of discussion on the moms whatsapp group. “Share today’s work; my son said there is an English grade tomorrow, is it true; my girl said they have to carry their scrapbook tomorrow, is it true; the school diary says to wear white shoes tomorrow, is it true?” Everything must have a stamp of approval from all the moms on the whatsapp group.

  1. The “loving, doting, beautiful & best” mom10

Now, whichever category a mom may fall in, this last category is a common category for all moms. So, whether you are chilled out or hyper, fashionably-dressed or casual, or whatever else, you are without doubt, the most loving, doting, beautiful and THE BEST mom in the world.


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